Watching The Intern

This is one of my most favorite movies that I’ve watched this year. This is a “feel good” movie and some might be able to relate to this movie especially those who spend a lot of time at work and those who doesn’t stop learning and improving themselves. I think Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro did a great job in this film.

Speaking about work, the past few days were full of unexpected twists and turns. It made me stop for a while and think if I am ready for the challenge. I know I have to give my 100% and thinking about it positively, this is an opportunity for me to learn.

Watching The Intern

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My Thoughts About The AlDub Craze

Hi. I actually would not find the time to blog about this but I just want to share how I feel about this “Aldub Craze”.

By the way, I am working that’s why I really don’t have the time to watch Eat Bulaga from Monday to Friday. Sometimes even on Saturday. I am an Eat Bulaga fan ever since, but not the type who will watch their episodes on YouTube.

I am also not a fan of any local loveteams. I am not the one who feels excited when those local loveteams have movies (well, except if it’s a Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz movie). I’d rather watch someΒ Filipino horror movies (even if I find some of them funny and not scary). I also don’t care much if they have TV series or if they seem on a local TV show singing (lip synch) together while their fans get crazy. And I really don’t care much if they are trending on Twitter.

I’ve been a follower of “Kalyeserye” since Day 1 (via YouTube). Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) was just doing her Dubsmash routine when she saw Alden on the screen. I think she has a crush on Alden that’s why the people started teasing her when she suddenly smiled after seeing Alden. I think her role as Yaya Dub requires her not to smile. But that day, she smiled, and the rest as they say is history. It still amazes how this became a craze

Nothing really fancy about that first episode of Kalyeserye. I think it’s normal for people to tease others about their crushes. And maybe that first episode brought back memories to a lot of people about their crushes. And it was also expected that some people will feel “kilig” about Alden and Maine, but it wasn’t expected that it will get a lot of attention.

We can’t also deny that Paolo, Jose, and Wally have a big part in this craze. I think they are also a big part of this success. I arrive home late from work most of the time but instead of sleeping early, I’d rather watch the day’s episode first from YouTube. Sometimes I would go to sleep at 1AM or 2AM in the morning just to be able to catch up with the latest episode. Maybe I just want to laugh after a stressful day at work. It became my stress reliever.

Maine and Alden suddenly became our friends. We feel happy watching them exchanging notes and Dubsmash routines. We started following them on their social media accounts and we started wishing that they will become a couple in real life. We feel happy as new endorsements and projects come to them one by one.

Obviously, it has a major impact in the noontime show competition. Let’s admit it that Showtime was threatened that’s why they have to come up with something to cope up in the ratings game. Then came Pastillas girl, who further intensified “fandom wars” online, especially in Twitter. It became a part of the competition to become the most trending topic in Twitter. Everyday, a hashtag should be used so that the topic will trend on Twitter. Sadly, some tweets are really not connected to the topic/hashtag.

Tweets reached record breaking millions of tweets. Some people aren’t happy about it. They say that we should rather focus on more important issues and they think that it looks and sounds dumb as the competition on TV and Twitter heats up. Honestly, I have also thought about it too… Maybe something that is more relevant and more important? How does it reflect our country?

But like what I mentioned, I do watch the Kalyeserye episodes because they are my stress reliever after a long day at work. I think most people will agree with me. We just want to find some reasons to smile and laugh even for a while. I think it’s the bashing, inventing false stories and posting non-sense tweets make it looks/sounds dumb. But for people who are just entertained and who just support their favorite shows on Twitter, I think its unfair to call them dumb.

For whatever reason AlDub became a craze, it still makes me wonder and I am still amazed about it. If it makes people feel good and if it has good impact on us Filipinos, then I wouldn’t mind what others will say about it.

100 Thousand Scrobbles

I finally reached 100,000 scrobbles in! I chose the song “Better You” by David Choi as my 100,000th scrobbled song since the song got the most number of scrobbles for the past years.

Here is my over-all Top 10 Tracks, Albums, and Artists as of today.


  1. Better You – David Choi (1001 scrobbles)
  2. Can’t Take This Away – David Choi (801 scrobbles)
  3. Underneath Your Love – David Choi (701 scrobbles)
  4. Who’s Thinking About You Now? – Jason Mraz (601 scrobbles)
  5. Sometimes – Donkeyboy (562 scrobbles)
  6. Today – Steve Moakler (508 scrobbles)
  7. 3 Things – Jason Mraz (498 scrobbles)
  8. The World As I See It – Jason Mraz (483 scrobbles)
  9. This Is A Way – David Choi (482 scroobles)
  10. Bodywakeup – Living In Synth feat. Philly Phil Thomas (477 scrobbles)


  1. By My Side – David Choi (2701 scrobbles)
  2. Love Is A Four Letter Word – Jason Mraz (2462 scrobbles)
  3. Yes! – Jason Mraz (2346 scrobbles)
  4. Forever and Ever – David Choi (2160 scrobbles)
  5. Only You – David Choi (1560 scrobbles)
  6. Shane Harper – Shane Harper (1502 scrobbles)
  7. Saade Vol. 2 – Eric Saade (1433 scrobbles)
  8. Make It Up – Sam Tsui (1355 scrobbles)
  9. Nights Like These – Outasight (1234 scrobbles)
  10. The Lovesick – Jason Reeves (1170 scrobbles)


  1. David Choi (7879 scrobbles)
  2. Jason Mraz (6903 scrobbles)
  3. Eric Saade (3289 scrobbles)
  4. Olly Murs (2746 scrobbles)
  5. Shane Harper (2082 scrobbles)
  6. Steve Means (1806 scrobbles)
  7. Jason Reeves (1681 scrobbles)
  8. Sam Tsui (1654 scrobbles)
  9. Cody Simpson (1589 scrobbles)
  10. Outasight (1471 scrobbles)