It’s The Little Things

It's The Little Things

It’s my second time to receive something from our boss with a note “It’s the little things.” Just a short sentence with a big impact. The thought comes to my mind once in a while and I love how it reminds me that I might be trying to look for some things that I don’t have from afar without realizing that I have a lot of things to be grateful for right in front of me.

I may not have everything in life but there’s a lot of things/people I should be thankful for – my family for being supportive and for loving me unconditionally, my friends for understanding my moods and accepting me for whoever I am, my work for being the source of my income and for allowing me to explore and learn new things, and… The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I once tried to figure out why they named their 2014 journal “Brew Your Best Year”. Yup, it’s about achieving the things that we want and to become the best version of ourselves. But I think brewing your best year is also about reaching out to other people and touching their lives. Having been able to join some Caring Cup activities teach me to appreciate the little things which I am taking for granted.

Not all days will be good but remembering those little things to be thankful for will give hope and contentment in our lives.

Brighter Days

We can chase the brighter days,
When our hearts are wide awake.
Leave the rain with yesterday,
so you can chase the brighter days.
Oh we will chase the brighter days.
Oh you can chase the brighter days.

Many of us has been very hopeful for the past few weeks because of the new year celebration and the recent Papal visit in the Philippines. I hope that we’ll continue to feel hopeful throughout the year. Every new day is a chance for us to change and become better. Let us not be afraid to chase for brighter days.



I am thankful that I had some of the best professors and classmates back in college who believed in my capabilities. I hate programming when I was in college. But the support I got pushed me to my limits and surprisingly, I was able to lead our group and passed our specialization subject. Of course, I know I couldn’t do it without them. I was a group effort.

I am working as a programmer in the travel industry. And it was a big challenge for me to familiarize myself and study this kind of industry. With the help and support of my bosses and colleagues, I was able to learn little by little.

I realized that to help others achieve what they want, instead of discouraging them, we must show our support by believing in them and giving them words of encouragement. By doing so, it gives them confidence and they see every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Mistakes are unavoidable but they are part of the learning process.