Pay It Forward: Volunteering to serve others is life-changing. Get into the habit of serving.

I feel honored and blessed to be featured in Brew Your Best Year (by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) website as part of their Caring Cup community. Honestly, I still ask myself if I really deserved to be featured in the website because I know there are more people who might be more deserving than me. Nevertheless, I still feel thankful.


Among the core principles at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a fundamental, unwavering commitment to social responsibility. We reflect this responsibility through a broad range of Caring Cup initiatives. The framework of Caring Cup initiatives is rooted in need where there is a need – from preserving the environment to improving education – we work diligently to respond.

All over the world. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is committed to working with individuals or organizations that share our passion to give back.

Source: http://www.coffeebean.com.ph/caring-cup.html

When I first tried joining a Caring Cup event, it was like more of “I want to be a superhero for a day” or “I want to inspire somebody today”. But honestly, the people who I interact in these events are the ones who inspire me more. Their stories are inspirational. These people help me keep my feet on the ground.

I also want to commend all the people behind Caring Cup events. I know it takes a lot of effort for them to come up with such events. And I want to say thank you to them for being an instrument to inspire people like me to reach out to others. I am always looking forward to the Caring Cup events. This is my new weekend habit and they are my new weekend family. Cheers!

You Can Have All The Wonders


People say that it is free to wish…. to imagine… and to dream.

When I was young, I dreamt of becoming a doctor… because that’s what my parents wanted me to become. But it did not happen. Then when I grew up, they wanted me to become an engineer. But unfortunately, I also did not become one. Instead, I took up Information Technology. And now, I am a Sr. Systems Analyst and Programmer (which actually I never dreamt of becoming one!). Weird isn’t it? :)

You know what I really want to become? I want to be a good graphics artist. I want to express myself through different visual media. I know i am not that good but I always want to try. And maybe that is one of the things that life has taught me… “You’ll never know unless you try”. So do not be afraid to try the things you want to do. Love what you do. Be passionate on what you do. Do not be afraid to take risks and make mistakes.

On a lighter note, I also want to share some these dreams of mine… :)

  • I dream of becoming a good singer. But I have to accept that I really don’t have the talent for it. So I concentrated more on my dancing skills.
  • I dream of becoming a good writer. Yeah, that’s why I have a blog. But I am already contented that my blog is here as an outlet for me to express my thoughts.
  • I dream of becoming a good graphic artist for different media. Yes. I am so passionate about these things.

It’s The Little Things

It's The Little Things

It’s my second time to receive something from our boss with a note “It’s the little things.” Just a short sentence with a big impact. The thought comes to my mind once in a while and I love how it reminds me that I might be trying to look for some things that I don’t have from afar without realizing that I have a lot of things to be grateful for right in front of me.

I may not have everything in life but there’s a lot of things/people I should be thankful for – my family for being supportive and for loving me unconditionally, my friends for understanding my moods and accepting me for whoever I am, my work for being the source of my income and for allowing me to explore and learn new things, and… The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I once tried to figure out why they named their 2014 journal “Brew Your Best Year”. Yup, it’s about achieving the things that we want and to become the best version of ourselves. But I think brewing your best year is also about reaching out to other people and touching their lives. Having been able to join some Caring Cup activities teach me to appreciate the little things which I am taking for granted.

Not all days will be good but remembering those little things to be thankful for will give hope and contentment in our lives.