Greenbelt Chapel’s “Young Professionals Ministry”

Young Professionals Ministry 01

I decided to join in Greenbelt Chapel’s “Young Professional Ministry” after I saw the invitation in Greenbelt Chapel’s Facebook page.

Greenbelt Chapel’s Young Professionals Ministry aims to evangelize young professionals through meaningful and sustained activities such as formation talks and catechism, community and outreach events, and other advocacies that will address the spiritual needs and challenges confronting our young professionals today.

What got my attention is the outreach events activity, though I am also curious and interested in whatever activities this new group will have.

Last 23 April 2015, we had our orientation after the evening mass in Greenbelt Chapel. I had totally no idea what we will do that night.

Fr. Marthy asked us, “Why are you here?” Maybe he is right. Each one of us was there that night because we are all looking for something… we are all looking for someone… We are not saying that we came there because we are all holy people. But rather, we all came because we are searching for the Lord in our lives.

Young Professionals Ministry 02

Our first activity was a group sharing. We were divided into several groups and I was included under the group of Brother Jorge. We introduced ourselves to our group mates and we were asked to pick a piece of paper which has quotes/lines from Pope Francis’ homilies during his visit here in the Philippines last January and share whatever comes out from our mind. I picked:

If you don’t learn how to cry, you cannot be a good Christian.

I shared how I felt during Pope Francis’ homily in Tacloban, Leyte, which I don’t know why I really got teary eyed back then. Maybe it’s God’s way of calling us to help and serve others.

I am amazed stories of my other group mates who didn’t register to become a member. Some of them just passed by the chapel, and surprisingly, they were that night sharing their stories to their group mates.

I am looking forward to the group’s future activities with the guidance of Fr. Marthy and Fr. Jun.

Photos Credits: Greenbelt Chapel – Young Professionals Ministry Facebook Page

100 Thousand Scrobbles

I finally reached 100,000 scrobbles in! I chose the song “Better You” by David Choi as my 100,000th scrobbled song since the song got the most number of scrobbles for the past years.

Here is my over-all Top 10 Tracks, Albums, and Artists as of today.


  1. Better You – David Choi (1001 scrobbles)
  2. Can’t Take This Away – David Choi (801 scrobbles)
  3. Underneath Your Love – David Choi (701 scrobbles)
  4. Who’s Thinking About You Now? – Jason Mraz (601 scrobbles)
  5. Sometimes – Donkeyboy (562 scrobbles)
  6. Today – Steve Moakler (508 scrobbles)
  7. 3 Things – Jason Mraz (498 scrobbles)
  8. The World As I See It – Jason Mraz (483 scrobbles)
  9. This Is A Way – David Choi (482 scroobles)
  10. Bodywakeup – Living In Synth feat. Philly Phil Thomas (477 scrobbles)


  1. By My Side – David Choi (2701 scrobbles)
  2. Love Is A Four Letter Word – Jason Mraz (2462 scrobbles)
  3. Yes! – Jason Mraz (2346 scrobbles)
  4. Forever and Ever – David Choi (2160 scrobbles)
  5. Only You – David Choi (1560 scrobbles)
  6. Shane Harper – Shane Harper (1502 scrobbles)
  7. Saade Vol. 2 – Eric Saade (1433 scrobbles)
  8. Make It Up – Sam Tsui (1355 scrobbles)
  9. Nights Like These – Outasight (1234 scrobbles)
  10. The Lovesick – Jason Reeves (1170 scrobbles)


  1. David Choi (7879 scrobbles)
  2. Jason Mraz (6903 scrobbles)
  3. Eric Saade (3289 scrobbles)
  4. Olly Murs (2746 scrobbles)
  5. Shane Harper (2082 scrobbles)
  6. Steve Means (1806 scrobbles)
  7. Jason Reeves (1681 scrobbles)
  8. Sam Tsui (1654 scrobbles)
  9. Cody Simpson (1589 scrobbles)
  10. Outasight (1471 scrobbles)

Thank Yous Three.Zero


I made sure that I must post this for my birthday.

Thank you Lord for giving me another year in my life. My life is not perfect but I know that He is always there for us. Thank you to my family (Mom, Dad, Sisters, and Aldi) and relatives for all the support and love that they’ve given me through the years. I want then to know that I appreciate all the things that they do and I always pray for God to always guide us. Thank you to my friends who never left me through the years – to my childhood best friend Jay-Ar who never fails to make me feel special on my birthday, to my “partners in crime”, John-Jan and Carlo, to my other high school friends whom I hope to see again soon, and to my best buddy, Ervin for being patient and for being always here for me. Thank you to the people of Marsman Drysdale Travel, Inc. for giving me the opportunity to work and to explore for more than 7 years now, especially to my team mates, as well as the previous and present employees who became my friends. Thank you to the people of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines who help me realize good things about life while keeping my feet on the ground through its Brew Your Best Year and Caring Cup activities.