My Giving Journal Story

As published in Brew Your Best Year website (07 July 2017)

Giving Journal Story: Rowell Cruz


It was the Christmas season of 2013 when I happened to drop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and see the “Brew Your Best Year” journal. It was a time when I was planning to do something different for the next year. I believed that the journal could help me become a better version of myself so without hesitations, I decided to collect 12 stamps so I can get the journal.

I tried joining The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s first Brew Your Best Year event last 2014 where we were taught to do chalk lettering. I loved the arts, but I didn’t think I was a good artist. But what the Brew Your Best Year event taught me is to pursue my passions and so I started trying watercolor, calligraphy, and paper cutting.

I really feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to do the calligraphy for the month of November for the 2017 edition of the Giving Journal. I actually have always dreamt of seeing my work in any publication, and I never imagined that it would happen!

I believe that brewing my best year also means giving back to others, so I also joined their Caring Cup activities. Some of my favorites include granting the wishes of children through their event with Make-A-Wish and building solar lamps with Liter of Light. The Caring Cup activities made me more aware of the different organizations who help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Also, they’ve made me realize the things that I had. I may not have everything, but I am still blessed.

The Giving Journal also paved the way for me to meet new interesting and nice people. I am a shy person and somehow, I overcame it by joining The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s different events.

Every time I enter any of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s stores, I feel at home. And the Giving Journal (and my every single Instagram or Facebook post about The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) is a reminder of each wonderful memory I’ve made with the brand. I look forward to more of those wonderful memories!


Thank You For New Beginnings

Thank you for the things that spark ideas.
Thank you for the love that grows.
Thank you for those who understand, accept, and support.
Thank you for those who never left.
Thank you for all the blessings.
Thank you for new beginnings.