I’ve been using “Rowjielogy” as the name of my blog since 2005. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were not that widely used yet during that time in expressing one’s opinions. When these social media platforms became famous, they were embraced by many as sharing becomes instant and interactive. I can say that I’ve been affected by these platforms that’s why I left the blogging world. I had several attempts to go back to blogging but I failed.

Signs of the times

Who would have thought how the number sign (#) will be a very important character in social media? Putting “#” in front of the word “Rowjielogy” crossed my mind suddenly. It made me think about the signs of the times. From 2005 to present, I have seen how the internet evolved to what it is now.

It made me think about how my blog tried to adapt to the signs of the times – from joining the bandwagon to trying to find my own individuality. It doesn’t matter anymore if there are no people reading my blog, just as long as I feel accomplished and happy with what I am doing.

On a personal note, I also realized that people really change no matter what. Before, I always believe that me and my high school friends will always be together. 10 years ago, we would meet on a weekly basis. Right now, it would be fortunate if we can meet yearly during Christmas season. No hard feelings. I think it is just plain reality.


I don’t know if I will succeed in reviving this blog but thinking about it, I can say that it has evolved through the years. Honestly, I really find it hard to go back to this. But it was just one day that there was a sudden spark and I can’t help but put these ideas into something.

On a personal note, I think it’s nicer to say that people evolve (instead of change). We always want to become better versions of ourselves and we try to find that version by going somewhere different, doing something new, and meeting new people that will inspire us and help us realize who we really are.


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