A Dozen of Weeks and A Dozen of Stickers


After a few days of think whether I will still get a journal/planner for 2015, I finally have “yes” as an answer. Today, I have officially started collecting stamps so I can get The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s “2015 Giving Journal”.


This is my second year to collect stamps for a journal/planner. And just to share I always fail in keeping up with my journal for the year. But with all honesty, I want this planner not because it’s a trend, but because there’s a lot of heart in this journal. With all honesty, I got the 2014 journal (the same reason that I am trying to get the 2015 journal), not because to join the trend, but because I want to find inspiration, and for me to be able to at least give inspiration to others as well and I think the journal is living up to its purpose.

Today, I started with my first stamp. I suddenly thought of my ongoing “A Dozen of Weeks” series here in my blog, where I started counting down 12 weeks before the year ends and planning the things to do for Christmas and New Year (I am on the third week now). And to be able to get the 2015 Giving Journal, we have to collect 12 stamps. I think the number is not that bad and I think I can get my journal sooner than I think. :)

Anyway, some thoughts came to my mind earlier, and I want to share my caption to the picture above when I shared it on Instagram and Facebook.

Back at one. Time to try again. Time for a new start. Time to plan. Time to take the first step to achieve what we want. What are your “back at one” thoughts for today?

There are some inspiring stories lately from people who I know. And instead of feeling insecure or envy, I feel inspired to strive more in the things that I do. (Thank You Lord for letting me feel positive and to look more on the positive side).

So that’s how the first stamp inspired me for today.

The Magic Bahag


I finally read “The Magic Bahag (Ang Mahiwagang Bahag)” by a fellow Pinoy blogger, Cheeno Marlo Sayuno.

The Magic Bahag Story by Cheeno Marlo Sayuno Illustrations by Benedict Reyna

The Magic Bahag (Ang Mahiwagang Bahag)
Story by Cheeno Marlo Sayuno
Illustrations by Benedict Reyna

At Abeong’s family’s transfer to another home, he is faced with dilemma. Will he wear a bahag when he attends classes at his new school? Surely, his schoolmates will laugh at him. So his father brings out a one-of-a-kind bahag that has an inspirational story attached to it.

I can compare the experience of reading a children’s storybook to watching an animated movie for children. The story might be simple and easy to understand by children, but everyone can relate to the moral lesson of the story. And I think this book inspires us who sometimes lose confidence and belief in ourselves.

I suddenly thought about the things that I consider as my “lucky charms”. I believe in lucky charms, though I also sometimes think that it might be an effect of the positive feelings and thoughts that we have. I also believe that prayer is important too.

I was on sick leave for two days last week and I had to do nothing but lie down on my bed and rest. I actually hated the feeling of being idle because it made me think a lot of things which made me a little but depressed recently. But I am thankful for friends who I communicated with, for this book which inspired me, and for the answers I found yesterday when I attended the mass in Greenbelt Chapel.

I am starting my week right and inspired as I wear my magic bahag for work tomorrow. :)

I Woke Up and Felt Like Experimenting With Prata


There are days when you are just inspired to cook a new dish… Something simple but delicious. I remembered that I bought Roti Prata few weeks ago. Original plan was just to fry it and partner it with curry sauce. I searched the net for other Prata recipes and I saw Pinky Piggu’s “Sunshine Flower” prata recipe.

So here is my first experiment on Roti Prata:



  • Roti Prata
  • Egg
  • Sausage (I actually used Chicken Franks)


  • Fry sliced chicken franks. Set aside.
  • Fry roti prata and flip over.
  • Break egg on top of prata. Put the chicken franks,
  • Wait till the egg gets cooked.

Very simple isn’t it? Though I will try to make it better next time or try other prata recipes. Thanks again to Pinkk Piggu for the recipe. :)