The World As I See It

I am really decided this time to put in this blog all the songs that inspire me for the past few years every time I listen to them. I call this playlist “The Rowjielogy Soundtrack”. You may see this playlist in one of the pages of this blog or by checking my Spotify account. I really feel excited about this.

As mentioned in “The Rowjielogy Soundtrack” page, most of the songs that I’ll be posting are feel good songs, or songs that help me bring a positive outlook in life. As what other say, life depends on how we look at it. So, just like what my playlist and my blog want to say, this is the world as I see it.

These “online spaces” are special to me because it gives me my space to express my self without thinking what others will say. Thank you to the great songs and songwriters for bring inspiration to many.

Today Is A Revival

I know this feeling comes once in a while. Then I’ll come up with a “reformatted” blog and will be on hiatus later on. What are the possible reasons?

Maybe I’m too busy at work that I don’t find time to blog. Or maybe because of the current trend in social media where I prefer to just express myself through Facebook or Twitter.

Today, I am inspired once again to go back to blogging. I cannot count how many times this happened. But the feeling now is different because I am returning to the blog that has been a part of me for years. Today, I am going back to Rowjielogy. It feels like going back home where a lot of things has already changed.

Music As Inspiration

One of the reasons why I really want to go backĀ  to blogging is to share the music I listen to. Not just because they are my favorite songs, but also I want to share how I’ve been able to relate to the song or how the song inspires me.

This post is inspired by a line from the song “Today” by Steve Moakler.

This song also reminds me that everyday is a chance for us to become better and to take chances.